Friday, December 12, 2008

Note: Thank you to Michael J. Adee, M.Div., Ph.D., Executive Director & Field Organizer of More Light Presbyterians for his call to write the folks at Newsweek, following the publication of "The Case for Gay Marriage" by Lisa Miller. Here is Michael's message and my response. Please consider writing your own comments in support Lisa Miller and Newsweek.
Michael's note:

MLP friends ---
Please do take a moment to send a note to Newsweek thanking them for the marriage equality cover story.
Sadly, Newsweek is being bombarded right now by anti-gay extremist religious voices. After the narrow anti-gay, unjust victory in California with Prop-8, anti-gay people seem to be flexing their muscles once again and behaving like school-yard bullies.
If we, the progressive faith voices do not speak up and are not heard, the extreme anti-gay religious voices will dominate the conversation and continue to be bullies.
No more bullies, just more light and more love!
To speak out and send an email go to --
Thanks, Michael
PS -- Please forward this email action to others you know who believe in justice, love, fairness and equality!

My response:

Dear Lisa,

As a minister of Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church USA and an openly gay man, I thank you and Newsweek for your clear and courageous article.

Your work will not only help others to better understand their family members, friends, and neighbors; it will help guide those working their way to a new understanding of the Bible, as many of us believe it was first intended to be used.

The erroneous and strongly held beliefs you address are filled with the inherent violence that has been used to marginalize and dehumanize our community for too long. The time for this to change is closer with each passing day, in part, now, because of your work.

"The Religious Case for Gay Marriage" is a case for justice, faith, and healing. It appears you have a fine grasp on these tenets of humanity and much more.

Thank you.

Rev. Ray Bagnuolo
White Plains, Ny