Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kim Davis is wrong...

Kim Davis is wrong.

She's wrong in her belief that the Bible denies same gender loving couples the same loving relationships that others enjoy.

She is wrong that loving a person of the same gender in all the fullness of intimacy is a sin.

She has a right to be wrong, but it is important to state, for me, anyway, that choosing for or against marriage for all is not an equally weighted choice. It is not.

To deny others anything because of the inappropriate use of the sacred texts based on a reading that implies God's creation is flawed - is wrong; to engage in practices that extend violence towards others through any form of exclusion and imply such practices are just -- is wrong; and to use your office to  hold others hostage to your beliefs by refusing to perform your public duties is not heroic - it's wrong.

And, rallying around folks who would choose second class citizenship for non-gender conforming citizens is dangerous and makes you complicit in the continued violence such actions will produce as long as they are allowed.

What Kim Davis did is not being faithful, as I see it, it is using one's faith in an abusive way to hurt others. That is the aberration, the "sin" if you wish.

Quit your job, Ms. Davis, write a book, let someone else sign the licenses but don't use your position to spread your brand of hatred and bias. That's wrong.

And those who use you to further their goals and selfish concerns at the expense of others are guilty of greater wrongs, willing to incite violence and hatred for personal gain. Run from them as fast as you can...