Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gracious Reunion or Controversy?

Gracious reunion? Controversy? Hmmm....
On the announcement for the PC(USA) Big Tent in August, the three day event is referred to as “a giant Presbyterian family reunion” -- and yet in all of the 10 major conference threads and the 37 pages of event synopses of hundreds of discussions and workshops -- there is not one reference I could find to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning or even Homosexuality. In fact, I could not find even one reference to the word "marriage." Really.
It seems that the reunion is not quite "out" about welcoming those of us who are LGBTQ, our families, and friends into the formal agenda and discussions during these amazing times. What could that be about?
Mostly what is said is that the gathering is not meant to be controversial. Well, neither are we.
The "Big Tent" agenda seems also to reflect a recently long-awaited Theology and Worship study guideline report on marriage that pretty much avoids the discussion of marriage for same gender loving couples. In fact, even our sisters and brothers who oppose marriage among members of the church who are LGBTQ - even they complained that there was little opportunity in the report to spur discussions in their congregations.
Methinks it is such an agenda and study that is controversial, not the challenges we face to love one another in unity and with our differences. In fact, the latter discussion would be a wonderful balm to the avoidance that has long divided us. That, indeed, might just round out a "Presbyterian Reunion."
Just sayin'...
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