Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We are in an amazing time of hours to go...

We are on the eve of the plenary of The General Assembly of the PC(USA) meeting to decide whether to agree with committees recommending broad changes that would welcome people who are gay (LGBT) into leadership and same gender loving couples into marriage.

This day, Wednesday, has been a time of reflection and hope, looking back over the last few days and over the entire arc of our history and faithful advocacy for equality, justice, and welcoming. Tomorrow, we pray that the plenary will forward the recommendations of the committees to the presbyteries for ratification.

What is exciting is that this General Assembly may astound the world in its broad embrace of God's creation in all of its wonder. Sometime ago, I heard Rick Ufford-Chase, former moderator of the General Assembly, talk about the rising motion toward a wave of change. He said that once the wave crests there is no stopping the change.

This wave of reform and hope and healing has been decades in the making. The world has been waiting since creation for the witness that is rushing toward it. Hold on...and pray with us. The wave may, indeed, be hours away.