Friday, September 6, 2013

SYRIA: We need to find another way...

We need to find another way. 

I sent the following to The White House and to my Senators and Members of Congress. We have to be better than the weapons we use; somehow we have to find another way, in my opinion. And that is all this is, my opinion. If you share it or don't, either way, please contact your representatives. 

For the record, I don't find the cartoon funny. I remember this response when the then president stood on the pile of rubble of 9/11. With the world at our side, ready to take our lead, we chose a military response, when there were other ways. We are in such a place, once more. I applaud the president for going to Congress; I agree that we need to stop the loss of life and the atrocities in Syria. And, we need to find another way. There has to be another way. We have to be better than what I am concerned we are about to do.

Below is what I sent. Easy to do. Just Google your area's representative and send your comments. I think we have a grave responsibility here to speak out. That, too, is my opinion.

Dear [Senators and Congressmember]

Thank you for your service to our nation.

I am writing not as a person who is "war weary" but someone who is "peace persistent." We need to find another way to deal with Syria. Every vote I have ever placed for an elected official, including my vote for you, has always been to find ways to avoid war and the use of military force.

Surely our political representatives and international influences can do better than to coalesce around a strike that will not solve the problem in Syria. I am hopeful that this buildup is to create an atmosphere for a negotiated settlement. Hopeful and prayerful.

And to those that say we will look "weak" if we do not strike, I say "Peace always looks weak and therein is its strength." The world understands that better than we think, and those who don't will never learn from the violent acts of war. Never have. Never will.

Please do not take us into limited or any other kind of action or war. Find another way...please.

Rev. Raymond J. Bagnuolo