Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is the "Big Tent" big enough?

A letter to those organizing the Big Tent event of the PC(USA):
I have been considering attending the Big Tent event, and I was wondering if there are any scheduled forums or discussions that directly talk about our LGBTQ community, especially following the ratification of 14F, which now makes us one of the most truly welcoming communities of faith in this nation and the world. 

The literature says, "Big Tent is focusing on three areas of missional living: Advocacy, Poverty and Discipleship." In the printed schedule, this includes forums on renewal, poverty and hunger, sex trafficking, charismatics, evangelism, racism, emotional intelligence, young adults, youth education, calling pastors, Middle East Christians, training ruling elders, racial reconciliation, climate change, Christ-Centered Masculinity, Women and Women Leaders, Inclusion of People with Disabilities [Exceptionalities] and many more important areas of discussion...

Yet, I have not been able to find anything that refers to our LGBTQ members and community and recent changes in the church, which easily include topics of advocacy, poverty, and discipleship - integrating our community into the full work and worship of this denomination and our lives together. 

For example, in the scheduled discussion area of calling a pastor, an important question might be: How do PNC's consider the gifts of candidates and ministers who are LGBTQ and seeking a call? Or, in the area of evangelism: How do we carry the Gospel message to all people in ways that lift up our faith and the diversity of gender and gender identities?

These and more topics easily come to mind...and point to the many ways in which important discussions about inclusion of our LGBTQ membership can help raise the "big tent" in which we actually live, rather than keeping it smaller than it actually is. 

I feel it is the charge of our denomination, especially in gatherings such as this, to lead us intentionally in ways that can faithfully help us to live into the decisions that we, as a denomination, have chosen as our way of mission in the world.

I have raised similar points around past "Big Tents" and was told that these topics were too controversial for this type of gathering, which was "more about family". That stung at the time - we are family, and I am hoping times are different, and that I have missed something in the schedule and literature.

So, thanks for your thoughts and all you are doing for our denomination and all its missional calls. I know that it is never the intention to exclude anyone; I know you all better than that. I just hope something can be done to eliminate any whisper of that perception in your continuing planning and publicity for this event, so that all are able to hear the message we have been given to carry into this world in the name of the Risen Christ in our midst.



Rev. Ray Bagnuolo, That All May Freely Serve
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