Friday, August 21, 2015

Questions for Donald Trump...

August 21, 2015

Two Questions for Donald: 

First Question: You talk about Ronald Reagan being an inspiration and model for you. Yet, in the eight years of his presidency from 1980 - 1988, when the AIDS crisis began and gained momentum that has taken countless lives - during those eight years he NEVER ONCE said the word AIDS from the bully pulpit of the presidency. What would you have done differently as a leader to have helped stem the tide of a pandemic, responsibility for which, in part, is rooted in his presidency.

Second Question: You said that you abhor violence and that the acts of two brothers who beat a homeless man in Boston, shouting epithets and using your rhetoric towards immigrants as a reason for their actions. As a skilled communicator who wants to lead this country, how can you use language that incites folks to violence, while claiming you seek no one harm by your words. To say you did not mean for this to happen by what you said is an abdication of the responsibility every leader faces - that even you have no control over the meaning of your message when it crosses into rhetoric that is inherently divisive and ultimately violent. How can you communicate as POTUS in a way that brings the nation together while moving forward when your best effort at getting a point across is to prone to inciting such acts as those in Boston. Are you a good enough communicator and have a heart big enough to understand the responsibility of your words - for all?

Happy to talk with you about this and more, Mr. Trump, anytime.