Saturday, March 28, 2009

Presbyteries continue to move closer together...

It's true, I think.

Each time a presbytery in the PC(USA) moves toward a more inclusive church, we all move more closely together. In that proximity, I expect we will find the solutions we seek to faithfulness and unity; a faithfulness and unity that can only be achieved with full inclusion of the LGBT/Q community.

It is not the LGBT/Q community that has created the separation in our church, but G-6.0106b. Once gone or altered, we will be witness and practioners of a love greater than our differences for all to follow.

Today six presbyteries voted. All chose unity, love, and and justice. They are:
Western New York,
Genessee Valley,
Susquehanna Valley, and
New York City.

Philadelphia, Grace, and Western New York (a "no action" last time around) - represent three reversals from previous "no" or "no action" positions. They represent the 24, 25, and 26th presbyteries to do so. No presbytery has changed their vote from a "yes" to a no."

Prayers and thanks to all, and I mean everyone, who has been involved in and touched by this struggle. There is great healing and mission work that awaits us in a post-B world. The road to such a place continues to shorten....