Monday, February 23, 2009

08-B Votes This Week: Update

I was talking with a friend of mine today and he reminded of the disturbance that "voting" on church matters often creates. The ideas of winners and losers in a church seem to propel the church into more of a secularly quantified entity, rather than one that understands the needs of others and supports all on their paths to God.

Still, it is true that the only way to remove the damage done by voting in G-6.0106b is to vote it out or vote to amend it. At best, the decision has to first embrace the division voting creates, once more. It will all be worth it, when the time comes, if the long-term outcome is healing and a diversified unity that more readily reflects the body of Christ, in which we share.

The benefits of such a time for our church will outshine any of the shadows we currently might cast in this ongoing struggle of building a majority. The way leads us through these times, as it did Jesus through his:  through a time of pastoral presence, witness, and prayer for all -- modeled just the way we hope our church will one day day be.

As of this evening, Saturday, February 28th, there are 36 votes in favor and 56 votes opposed. 87 Votes are needed to ratify the amendment.

Recent Votes:

Cherokee: 24 Yes - 79 No
Hudson River: 94 Yes - 12 No - 1 Abstention
Milwaukee: 86 Yes - 24 No
Shenango: 4 Yes - 101 No

Missouri Union: 31 Yes - 48 No
Peace River: 63 Yes - 82 No

Indian Nations: 38 Yes - 43 No
South Alabama: 24 Yes - 33 no

Central Nebraska
New Harmony: 20 Yes - 99 No
North Puget Sound: 42 Yes - 69 No
Northeast Georgia: 49 Yes - 89 No
Tampa Bay: 71 Yes - 105 No

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Anonymous said...

The current amendment B has caused no damage. the damage has been caused by those who insist on blantantly rebelling against God.

If the new provision passes, it will mean the end of the PC(USA) as a church. God will not bless what he clearly says is unblessable.

Oh, the PC(USA) may still exist in some form or another, but it will not be a church of Jesus Christ. Just a group of hurting people needing Christ yet rejecting the truth of the One who went to the cross for them.

May the Lord have mercy on us all.

John Shuck said...

"It will mean the end of the PC(USA) as a church."

A bit of an overstatement, don't you think?

They said the same regarding the ordination of women.

"May the Lord have mercy on us all." Yes, ALL.

Anonymous said...

No it is not an overstatement. it will end the PC(USA) as being a *Christian* church.

Christ went to the cross for you too. Yet you reject him.
And yes, may God have mercy on all of us.