Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strength beyond the voting

Today the ratification of 08-B was defeated. The ratification was defeated, however the movement toward justice and equality in the PC(USA) has never been stronger. And it is a strength that goes beyond the votes.

Much will be said in the next several days about this term's voting. There are many powerful messages being circulated, among them the press release from More Light Presbyterians, which can be found on So, for now, I will let them speak for themselves.

More writing to come, however, I will say this: There are those of us who are LGBT and ordained. I was ordained in 2005, making it clear that I was gay and would not abide by G-6.0106b. There are others who have similar stories. The time will come when that community of which I am a part will no longer be the exception. And when that happens, there will be an amazing rebirth in the Spirit beyond what we have known -- for we have not known such a time - yet. Just glimpses...

And it will be a time of welcoming all, even those with whom we disagree. The disagreements may not change all at once, but the seaparation will. From there, anything can happen.

There is strength beyond the voting...

Love, too.

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Anonymous said...


To all my progressive friends... It is time, frankly past time for me to leave. I have tried to live with the tension of being who I am and be a leader in the PCUSA. I have tried to change things.

This much is clear. The vast majority in the PC(USA) have once again voted to exclude me. But they have voted fair and square. The reality is that we have gained only one or two presbyteries over the past 12 years.

I am tired of the arguments, I am tired of us progressive (this we must admit) tearing the PCUSA apart. Frankly, the most loving arguments I heard at my presbytery were of the conservatives. a few of my cohorts were mean sprited and derisive of scripture and confessions.

I cannot go this route any more. No can this fight continue without destructing the PCUSA. I feel I ned to let the PCUSA be what it is and move on.

Sorry, but it is time for me....