Friday, July 9, 2010


I remember being 19 and the night my brother was lost in a car accident. The next morning I awoke thinking, "What a terrible dream," only to suddenly be swept up in the reality of finding Michael was forever gone.

No one died last night at the plenary, but the reality is that a huge loss took place in the way of the 219th General Assembly and those who came here faithfully and prepared to have an open conversation about marriage. When I awoke this morning, I thought, "What a terrible dream," only to be rapidly filled with the familiar sickening disappointment of our community again being admonished by those who see us as "less than" because we are people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

The vote to put off discussion of the amendments sent to the assembly by the dedicated and faithful work of the advocates, committee, and all those who have labored for more than two years to be ready to speak - the vote to put this off was more than a procedural maneuver. It was an act of violence, such as the gay (LGBT) community has come to know all too well from those who affirm their comfortability by denying the fullness of our lives, any way they can.

What took place last night is neither Christian nor loving. It was the act of desperation and fear by those who know this church is changing and are so fearful of the possible change - that they are willing to block the Spirit they claim so passionately to embrace.

Last night's actions to quiet the voice of those who the Spirit led here to speak have changed this morning's landscape to one littered with the broken facade of forbearance and decency. I do hope that none of the commissioners who voted to postpone the conversation ever experiences what they did to us last night. It was really that bad.

As before, let us continue to pursue the justice, once more denied us, praying for those who continue to oppress us, trusting in God even now.

We are not done.


Anonymous said...

So why don't you just find another denomination?

Ray Bagnuolo said...

That's easy to answer, Anonymous, because this denomination needs us to be whole. We're called here as I assume you and other faithful folk are.

valerie said...

As a straight, married woman with kids, I have no "dog in this fight", according to those who have silenced you. But I am ashamed of the denomination that I call home, for this act of cowardice at the GA. I know that there is not much I can do except to speak in defense of my LGBT brothers and sisters, and continue to pray and hope, right along with you, for the day when PCUSA will live out the REAL Gospel, a Gospel of love and inclusion for all. Be encouraged. Many stand with you, and many more just need to hear the message.
Your sister in Christ, Val

Ray Bagnuolo said...

Hi Valerie -
Thanks for your kind and right words and heart...there were many who did try to move this forward and just a few more who chose to stop the conversation. So, we move on, again, with your support and prayers.