Saturday, February 21, 2009

Prebytery Votes for 2/20-2/21/09

At Friday and Saturday presbytery meetings, these presbyteries' results have been announced:
Yes Votes:
Arkansas (a reversal): 116 yes - 64 no
Eastern Oregon: 22 yes - 6 no
Giddings-Lovejoy: 125 yes - 83 no
Greater Atlanta (a reversal): 243 yes - 233 no - 5 Abstentions
John Knox: 39 yes - 13 no
Mid-Kentucky: 90 yes - 19 no
New Hope (a reversal): 177 yes - 139 no - 1 abstention
Ohio Valley (reversal): 57 yes - 44 no
Sante Fe: 110 yes - 23 no
Tres Rios (a reversal): 37 yes- 34 no

No Votes
Homestead: 37 yes - 40 no
The James: 125 yes - 192 no
Lake Erie: 32 yes - 58 no
North Alabama: 30 yes - 48 no
Sacramento: 65 yes - 75 no
Tropical Florida: 21 yes - 93 no

So far, 15 presbyteries have reversed their positions since their last G-6.0106b-related vote

As of this note:
34 Yes - 45 No

A Note:
Such a close votes, once again, point to the work that will follow the ratification of this amendment. Passage will usher in a time of unity and healing, more than any celebration of victory. The reason for eliminating the exisitng G-6.0106b is to be able to move forward in our church and this world in the ways we have been called to serve, without the barriers that have been erected to separate us.

Ratification is a critical step to the unity of this church and our message to those seeking to follow the teachings of Jesus in their lives.

Please continue to pray with us for a time when such healing and welcoming are the gifts we share with all.


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