Thursday, February 5, 2009

In a time of for...

Have you taken the daring step of visiting some of the websites dedicated to the opposition of the ordination of LGBT folk in the PC(USA) and broader church? It's really something else. If we hadn't heard it all before, it would be overwhelming. As it is, it is often shocking, distasteful, and woefully inaccurate.

In the midst of our process for ratification of Amendment 08-B that will rewrite G-6.0106b and remove the obstacles for calling LGBT folk to the full work and worship of the PC(USA) - in the midst of all these conversations, I have noticed something. It's simple and telling. Those who are trying to move this church into a place of love and justice for all - are voting "for" a new church in this very important way. Those opposed are voting "against" such a place.

And, you know, I get it. I do get why many faithful individuals are unable to move to fully accept their sisters and brothers who are LGBT. I understand the deep challenges that this honestly presents for many. With those folks, we still vote for inclusion - their inclusion, as well as ours. God will take care of the rest. We will help with the healing.

As for the rest of us, it's time for...not a pause, not more delays, simply...for: an inclusively just and radically loving and welcoming church for all. It's time for...the ratification of 08-B.


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